“All bowlers should own a copy of Striking Words,” said Storm’s Owner and CEO Bill Chrisman. “Walt helps guide you through thousands of terms and terminology which can often be confusing. You are sure to learn something new on each and every page.”

Bill Chrisman, Owner and CEO, Storm Products, Inc.

“It’s an impressive piece of work! I first sat down with just a few free minutes and found myself immediately engrossed. Do yourself a favor and pick one up today.”

Steve Kloempken, USBC Hall of Fame and Executive Director of Marketing for Storm Products, Inc.

“I picked up your book yesterday from the post office. Thanks a lot for sending it! All I can say is, “Wow!” I really can’t put it down! This is an incredibly good piece of work. I can’t even begin to imagine the work it took to compile and illustrate this. Congrats to you and your partner!”

Bill Sempsrott, Founder BTM Digital Media

Striking Words is the most comprehensive glossary of bowling I’ve ever seen. Conscientiously crafted and cleverly illustrated, it provides easy-to-find and understand information on every imaginable concept or phrase in our sport. Mr. McIntosh and Ms. Hanson have collaborated to produce an unmatched reference source for tenpin bowling.”

Susie Minshew, Coach, Strikeability LLC

I received Striking Words earlier this week, and I’m enjoying reading it. I think it’s marvelous. I’d like to plug it on my bowling blog, so please let me know how someone can order a copy from you – your mailing address, website, or whatever.

John R. Schmidt (Dr. Jake), Dr. Jake’s Bowling History Blog

“Kudos for taking on such an enormous project. Obviously, like many bowling publications, a labor of love.“

Jim Goodwin, Bowling News Network, Stars & Strikes

“We were all very impressed with how thorough this glossary is. Extremely current! Nice work!”

John Janawicz, Kegel Technical Support