Talking Points

1. With over 2400 entries, the Glossarist claims that Striking Words is the most extensive bowling glossary ever.

2. With over 450 pages, the Glossarist claims that Striking Words is the most extensive single bowling book ever. (The Allen and Ritger Complete Guide Series in three volumes and 716 pages may be the longest bowling work ever.)

3. With more than 700 illustrations, Striking Words is the second most illustrated bowling book ever seen by the Glossarist. (The Complete Guide to Bowling Spares by Dick Ritger and George Allen displays all 1023 possible spare leaves plus many illustrations relating to spare-pickup techniques.)

4. Striking Words reminds us of the bowling words of the past. (Poodle, Chalk Box, Schliefer, Kegler, Cheater Ball, pencil whip, Pindicator.)

5. Striking Words introduces us to international words. (Stewart, Melinda, Cock and Balls, Ice and Rug, Wombat, Sledgling and many more)

6. Striking Words describes bowling ball drilling terms. (Bridge, back of the hole, positive axis point, lateral & forward & reverse pitch, radius of gyration, differential Rg, Asymmetrical and symmetrical cores, pancakes and others.)

7. Striking Words lists all the current national tenpin bowling organizations of the world. (British Tenpin Bowling Association, Tenpin Bowling Australia, Turkish Bowling Federation and 105 more.)

8. Striking Words names many of the words that describe spare leaves. (Double pinochle, mother-in-law, man in the bedroom, and a lot more)

9. Striking Words addresses the rules of the game in many places around the world. (How many holes can a bowling ball have, what is a dead ball, what is sledging, what is an age bonus, when is a foul not a foul, when can you not sand a ball?)

10. Striking Words illustrates oil patterns. (The 12 WTBA city-named patterns, Kegel patterns and their methods of application, PBA animal patterns)

11. Striking Words tells about bowling ball layout methods. (Dual angle layout technique™, preferred spin-axis ball layout, pin-buffer technique, clock-face method)

12. Striking Words compares spare shooting methods. (Shaul bowling method, Swedish spare system, 3-6-9 spare shooting)

13. Striking Words exemplifies the language of bowling. (quick eight, quiet eye, part of the building, sand in his shoes)

14. Striking Words clarifies bowling terms. (Axis of rotation, helicopter ball, presetting the angle)

15. Striking Words identifies special bowling organizations. (American Blind Bowling Association, International Gay Bowling Organization, The National Bowling Association, American Wheelchair Bowling Association)

16. Striking Words explains bowling ball structures and covers. (Three-piece core, two-piece core, center heavy, reactive resin)

17. Striking Words points out the variety of abrasives used in bowling ball surface adjustment and notes possible sources of acquisition. (Abralon, Mirlon, Scotch Brite)

18. Striking Words discusses some of the pro shop tools. (Dodo scale, Armadillo, quarter scale, oil extraction systems and others)