Striking Words – Electronic FlipBook




Purchase an electronic ‘flipbook’ style copy of Striking Words.

Visually Appealing, Searchable and Portable!

  • Like reading a physical book on your computer. Note that this file is not compatible with e-readers.
  • Complete with all graphics and page-turning features
  • Fully keyword searchable
  • Allows for magnification

How It Works

1. Order your copy and check out using our PayPal Checkout System (use either PayPal or a CREDIT CARD of your choice for payment).
2. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to a .zip file.
3. Click on the link to download the file (it is safe and will not harm your computer) – you will have 5 days from the purchase date to download the file.
4. Unzip the file and GO! (This will place Striking Words on your computer for ongoing, unlimited use.)

Problems or Questions?


Contact us at, or by calling 703-675-3411.


See the samples below to know what your Flipbook will look like!



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